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Here you find us...

„Welcome to our shop…”

„I give you my time!“

“I play music for you!”

Free engraving on your knife!

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Our shop

A big choice of high-quality products  and expert advice.

In the immediate vicinity of a landmark of Lucerne – the Hof Church- and only a few steps from the lakeside you will find us. From knives, cowbells, key rings, clothes, postcards and other souvenirs… we stock quality products, which you will always remember your holiday.

Here a small selection of our assortment:

  • Swiss Army Knife / Knives
  • Bells / Trycles (hammered bells, not cast)
  • Shirts & Caps
  • Watches & Cuckoo clocks
  • Key ring / Magnets
  • Woodcarvings
  • Musicboxes

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The Team

We are the faces to Schmocker Souvenirs…

… and inspire you with personal advice.

Urs Konopka

Urs Konopka

Prakaisiri Konopka

Prakaisiri Konopka

Christine Casagrande

Christine Casagrande

Xie Yingying

Xie Yingying

Tao Chao

Tao Chao




Here you find us…


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